Lebanon Turf ProScape Grass Seed - 25 LBS – DIY Lawn Care Landscaping Supply
Lebanon Turf ProScape Grass Seed - 25 LBS

Lebanon Turf ProScape Grass Seed - 25 LBS

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Proscape Superior Sun & Shade Mix 

Grass Seed mixes for golf, sportsturf and lawns . A wide selection of award-winning turfgrass seed varieties developed through careful research to deliver quality and performance. We combine these into high-quality mixes and blends with specifications to meet any turfgrass need.
Our Blend

  • 30% Seabiscuit Perennial Ryegrass*
  • 25% Extra II GLSR Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Champagne Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 10% Pathfinder Creeping Red Fescue
  • *A-LIST approved

Application rate per 1000 Sq Ft

  • New Seeding - 6-8lbs
  • Overseeding - 3-4 lbs

*A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf) is a non-profit industry initiative with a mission to foster development of turfgrass varieties that perform under reduced inputs and levels of management, and also exhibit additional traits such as drought and heat tolerance, leading to a more sustainable environment. A- list approved varieties have been through a rigorous set of tests under reduced input trials. A- List approved mixes and blends must contain a minimum of 65% A- List approved varieties to carry the A- List tag.